Al Muminath School

Why choose us?

Choose us for an unparalleled educational experience, where innovative teaching methods, dedicated faculty, and a supportive community converge to foster holistic development and success for every student.

CBSE Curriculum

We are committed to provide quality education to promote intellectual, social and cultural vivacity.

Hifz Classes

We take all the immense efforts to make our tiny tots of Al-Muminath school to memorize the Qur’an through our organised hifz classes.

Spacious classroom

We promote positive classroom culture where every student feels valued, accepted and part of the group.

Experienced / Multilingual staff

The facilitators of Al Muminath are well-experienced, qualified and multilingual.


The children in the age group of 3 to 10 are always attention seekers. Each and every child is given individual attention.

Clean and safe atmosphere

With the excellence in the academics Al-Muminath School also ensures the safety, hygiene and wellbeing of our children.

Play way methodology

We provide the renowned Play Way method system of educating very small children taking their first steps in the world of formal education.

Student’s leadership opportuninities

Leaders are not born, they are made by Al-Muminath School, which provides each child with the opportunity to develop their leadership skills.

Health & wellness initiatives

Al-Muminath School takes all possible initiatives for the well-being of our students by organizing free medical camps and by promoting healthy eating habits.