Al Muminath School

About Us

Everyone has the right to education; Education is not only a right, but a passport to human development that opens doors and expands opportunities and freedoms.

This was the foundation on which a vision was planted and nurtured over the years. It all started in the year 2019, when, the need to provide quality education at an affordable cost, fuelled the birth of Al- Muminath School.

Our Vision

Education for both the world (Deen and Duniya)
Creation of a generation of God-conscious Muslims capable of changing their world in order to reflect their beliefs and practices and to serve humanity to the best of their abilities.

Our Mission

To develop in students the skill sets necessary to get them future ready.

To upgrade and update the functioning of the school to meet the emerging needs of the society.

To impart quality education which reaches beyond books, thereby moulding the students into progressive, practical, socially responsible and God-fearing human beings. We endeavour to achieve our mission by creating a conducive environment with the support of qualified teachers, to encourage and recognize creativity and innovation amongst our learners.

Our Values

Achievement- We aim to foster high expectations from all students and help them achieve their full potential. This is done through exploring all possible strategies that lead to enhancing students’ performance with increased involvement and collaboration of parents.
Behaviour- Demonstrating a positive attitude and appropriate behaviour are key elements to high academic achievement. Our school-wide discipline policy is derived from Islamic principles that aim to proactively approach unacceptable behaviour through means of student collaboration in order to help analyze their actions and take full responsibility for the outcomes.
Celebrating Milestones and Successes- An effective means of motivating students and sustaining success in our school is celebrating student accomplishment. The continuous celebration of success breeds even more success and helps to build student self-confidence, motivating them to achieve higher.